INTERREG V A Priority II Framework Project

The EU supports collaborative projects between neighboring countries. The INTERREG V Germany-Netherlands program was developed specially for projects which focus on the collaboration between inhabitants of the Dutch-German borderland. In order to make the application for INTERREG resources more accessible for smaller initiatives, the Rhine-Waal Euroregion developed the Priority II Framework Project together with the other German-Dutch Euroregions and the INTERREG partners.

The framework project focuses on “People to People”, “Business to Business”, and “Government to Government” activities, and was developed specifcally for initiatives involving subsidies up to € 25,000. There is a simplified application procedure for smaller, short term activities involving subisidies up to € 1,000.

Which projects?

To qualify for subsidy, the project must stimulate cross-border collaboration and socioeconomic growth of cross-border networks. Within these partnerships and networks, activities and projects can be pursued, mainly relating to:

  • SME support
    • Development of companies and science networks
    • Increase in transparency of the technology and knowledge infrastructure for companies
    • Internationalisation of competency development in SMEs (raising awareness and targeted counseling, encouraging competencies, recruiting  skilled workers)
  • Reduction of the border’s barrier effect on citizens and institutes:
    • Work, eductation, and culture
    • Nature, landscape, and environment
    • Structure and demography
    • Local and regional network development

Who can submit an application?
German and Dutch knowledge institutions, companies, educational institutions, associations, organisations, and local and regional governments can submit applications.

Further information
Details on the general and financial terms and conditions can be found in the guidelines. You can also make an appointment with one of our staff members. We are happy to inform you regarding the various subsidy options and to help you with the development of your project and finding partners and co-financiers.

Mrs Svenja Arntz (project coordinator, projects up to € 25,000 subsidy)

Mrs Astrid Hubbers (projects up to € 25,000 subsidy)

Mrs Kerstin Cleven (financial administrative settlement)


Brochure 2020

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